January 16, 2019

2014 Tour de Ranch Photos

The 2014 Tour de Ranch was a huge success. Riders were eager to enjoy some quality time on their bikes and warm weather after a record breaking cold winter. The day started off with a layer of fog that quickly burned offed by late morning. Each fondo route had a sizable pack of riders with the Paul Brannon Epic Dirty Fondo being the first to leave the start. Although riders were not chipped timed there were some fast times being posted with the a group of Dirty Fondo riders finishing the course in a blazing fast 3:10. The Grand and Medio Fondo had several groups of riders in each pushing a fast pace the entire route. After a hard day out on the bike cyclists enjoyed some good food and BBQ sandwiches.

Hammer Down wanted to all the cyclists that came out to enjoy the 2014 Tour de Ranch.


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